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New Zealand contractors are looking for Electricians & Plumbers who are New Zealand Registered and licenced, both of which are difficult to obtain for many overseas candidates while living outside of New Zealand without this program. To find out more about living in NZ visit

What is included in the program.

Gap Training- Qualified Canadian Electricians and Plumbers are now able to attend our New Zealand Gap Training Programme in Canada that will enable them to become registered in line with NZ requirements prior to moving, significant job offers are available in NZ on successful completion of the programme.

To purchase or to read more about the Electrical Training click here.


To read more about the Plumbing Training click here.


Licencing - We will assist you in gaining the NZ Electrical or Plumbing Registration and Licence, as well as preparing you for work in New Zealand before you leave Canada.

We have teamed up with the One World Resourcing In New Zealand to assist in the following:

Flights - Arranging a one-way flight to one of the major cities; Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington.

Visa - This will be a sponsored Visa and we will help obtain this.

Guaranteed Job - To ensure you receive a great job with the best possible conditions and salary.

Accommodation - We will support you with your first nights' accommodation in New Zealand and organise your induction meeting with our NZ partners.

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