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Partnership with ReadySkills


GtexPro is proud to be partnering with ReadySkills to combine our relationships with key industry partners throughout the commonwealth with ReadySkills online apprentice management system.

ReadySkills provides student skills profiling and assessment technology to registered training organisations and tertiary education providers.

Ensuring evidence collection and compliance workflows are streamlined, standardised and available for any qualification or skill, our mobile-first applications meet today’s agile training reality with technology designed for the industries of tomorrow.


GteXpro has been involved in Global Trade Exchanges within the construction industry through our commonwealth exchange programs for many years. Our programs cover trade recognition, gap training analysis and delivery for licencing purposes along with robust exchange procedures covering all aspects of relocation.

ReadySkills has been a leading developer of apprentice based online management systems that encompasses Profiling, RPL, Training Plans and assessments tools to support industry, training providers and individuals within the trades.   

GtexPro and ReadySkills philosophies align through our joint vision of global alignment of trade qualifications and skill sets which in turn supports greater mobility of knowledge particularly within the commonwealth countries.

In order to realise our vision we are working closely with unions and private companies alike throughout the commonwealth, these global collaborations are key to strengthening our industries by empowering qualified individuals to safely and seamlessly move between the commonwealth countries in search of excellence, knowledge and adventure. 

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